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At L8P, we provide a holistic marketing strategy for our client’s online digital marketing services. We do so by reviewing what’s been done, analyzing where you need to be, and setting up strong optimized pillars to enhance your online performance through digital marketing services. 

So while most businesses end up ‘trying a little bit of everything’ throughout their marketing channels, L8P brings it all together. 

What’s The L8P Advantage?

We create our holistic approach by analyzing consumers’ behavioural patterns throughout ‘touchpoints’, and help close the loops using digital marketing services.

Closing The Loops

Did you know that in the last few years, Google looked at thousands of users’ clickstream data as part of an opt-in panel. Google found that no two customer online experiences are exactly alike. In fact, even within the same category, experiences take multiple shapes. According to Google, the number of “touchpoints” Google identified for each experience ranged between 20+ touchpoints for purchasing a candy bar and 500+ touchpoints for researching and booking flights. 

Optimizing your online presence with L8P can maximize your touchpoints with your customers and help close the last point in their journey. Standardizing your brand throughout your channel is one of the key points. Your brand needs to be appropriate, relevant, meaningful, and endearing. L8P helps you do so by providing digital marketing services that loops everything together.

Here’s how we make it happen: 
  1. We review your current online marketing and analyze your data
  2. We create a strategy that works for your business according to your goals
  3. We enhance your website content to reflect your brand’s voice and values
  4. We create and design engaging ads, content, and templates aligned with your targets
  5. We launch your online marketing strategy
  6. We celebrate and start tracking progress!

Don’t have a website yet? Starting from scratch? We can help set you up for success from the start and exponentially boost your online growth! Have a deeper look at our digital marketing services to learn more about L8P and how we elevate brands online.

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We always recommend a combination of digital marketing services in order to get the best results. 

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