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Email Marketing Services Can Help You Close Loops.

Depending on your niche, your customer’s intent might be to research each possible product available online before making a decision. Or maybe your fan base is excited about your new collection, but can’t know easily when that will be released. That’s where email marketing services comes into place.

With beautiful templates and a content calendar that reflects your new products, services or goals, you’ll be able to reach your clients on a consistent basis, reminding them of who you are and how awesome your business is! 

How do we build you the best email marketing campaigns?

How do we build you the best email marketing campaigns?

Email Marketing Software Set-Up

Our team of experts will set up the best email platform for your business and populate it with your lists, designs, and templates to ensure harmonious branding and messaging throughout your marketing efforts. 

Email Lists Set-up and Distribution

Segmentation is key to successful email campaigns and having organized and optimized distribution lists will ensure that your emails are being sent to the right people at the right time. These campaigns can be welcome emails, regular newsletters, sale promotions, or any other email from your business that is sent to an email list.

Custom Email Designs

Efficiency is key. We said it before. Having templates that are already designed to your brand and voice’s standard will help get things done, faster. This is why our team of experts can set you up for success from the get-go. We will be creating beautiful templates that include call-to-action buttons, sections and layouts, so you can easily adapt your templates to your latest email design. Once our work is done, you can simply pick and choose what you wish to use and voilà!

Email Content

Our team will work with your current Marketing Strategy to develop relevant, engaging content for your email blasts. Having already segmented your audiences and performed a review of your current branding, our experts will use their knowledge to elevate your engagement with your audience. They will always send beautiful emails that have a defined purpose, resulting in your business growth.

Our Email Marketing Process

Email Marketing Services Cycle of An Efficient Email Marketing Plan
Email Strategy Digital Marketing L8P Agency

A L8P, we always start with analyzing what’s been done and what needs to be done to reach our client’s goals.

For our email marketing services process, we start by setting up clear goals and expectations with our clients. These goals can be anything from building a 1,000 person email list to creating an automated process once someone downloads a PDF of your website. As long as we know your targets, we can build a solid email marketing process that will foster engagement, build a community and generate business growth.

To do so, we define your target customers and segment your audience. We then build meaningful content in a specific email funnel that will attract each specific segment to take action. We then review and analyze our results.

Once we are on the right path, we automate everything and create a new ‘loop’ for your customers to fulfill your goals.

Ready to start your email marketing list but have a few questions? We are here to discuss.