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Small Business Website = Business Resume

Many small companies underestimate the power of their online marketing, especially their website. We like to think about small business websites this way:  website = business resume. It allows customers or potential clients to read what your business is all about quickly and efficiently. But, if you only have your contact information and a brief description of your services, what sets your small business apart from the other 10 competitors in your area?

With our help using our website design and development services, we will put your brand and your story at the forefront of your online presence.

Proud to be Shopify
& WordPress specialists.

website design and development wordpress specialists l8p marketing

At L8P marketing, our experts are specialists in Shopify and WordPress websites. While we work with other website platforms, we have built extensive expertise in these two particular ones. 

Unsure which one is best for you? That’s where our team can help. If you are looking for a brand new website or simply trying to spruce your current one – we are here to help you. Not only will we re-design your website, but we will do so from a marketing perspective. 

Happy Website Design and Development Clients

We’ve worked with several clients to enhance their online presence and transform their websites into the perfect tool to help their business. Not only did we create visually pleasing websites, but we also made sure that their marketing and content were on point. If you’re unhappy with your website or want to use it as a tool to help your business grow, contact us.

Transform your website into a tool for your business.

That’s an exciting idea, right? But unfortunately, most people see their website as a static portfolio that lives on the Internet and brings people to them. At L8P, we believe your website can be more than that.

  • Adding content that you keep repeating over and over to every client that calls you could help you save time.
  • Adding detailed pricing could avoid receiving calls from unqualified leads.
  • Making sure you talk about your services add-ons could help you upsell!

The list is infinite. 

Let’s use your website as a tool to help with your sales process. Let’s make it so that when people reach out to you, they know everything they need to know to proceed with your services or products. Let’s educate your clients and save them time!

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