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Google My Business, A Free Advertising Spot For Your Business

Everyone has come across a Google My Business listing before. It appears every time you search for a service or product on the web. It’s a great way to quickly find what you’re looking for.

In fact, Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. By verifying and editing your business information, you can both help customers find you and tell them the story of your business.

In this article, we wanted to cover each element of an optimized Google My Business listing. If you still haven’t created your own account, have a look at Google My Business Account.

If you have any questions throughout your process, feel free to reach out. Often a quick email or phone call is all you need to get things sorted 😎 .

Showing a Google My Business Listing Example For Digital Marketing Benefits

Add Your Company Information

Google My Business is a great way to ensure that your company information is accurate and up-to-date. You can add pictures, hours of operation, and your location. It’s also a good idea to add your company title so that people can easily find you in search results. This is a great way to attract new customers and keep existing ones informed about your business.

For example, having updated hours for holidays and special events can help customers know quickly if you are open or not- avoiding frustrations and disappointment.

Get Your Google My Business Verified

Any business owner knows that visibility is key to attracting new customers. A Google My Business listing is one of the best ways to ensure that your business is visible to potential customers searching online. When you verify your business, you tell Google that your business is legitimate and that you are the rightful owner. This helps increase your ranking in search results, making it more likely that potential customers will find your business when they search for products or services in your area.

In addition, verifying your business allows you to manage your listing, add photos and information about your products and services, and respond to reviews. These factors can help increase customer confidence in your business and encourage them to choose your business over a competitor.

To get verified, it’s a straightforward process where you request a verification code to your business address and receives it via mail a few weeks later. (Pssst, we do offer help with verifying your Google My Business listing, so if you do need help, contact us!)

Get Google My Business Reviews

Google My Business offers your customers a voice and a chance to leave you a review to share their experience with your business. Reviews, even negative ones, can have a positive impact on your customers. It can tell them who you are, how you are about your customers, how’s your customer service, and even how you handle more challenging situations.

However, don’t let reviews solely define who you are as a business. Responding to reviews (both good and bad) shows potential and current customers that you’re paying attention and care about what they think. This active engagement will only help improve your business in the long run. So while reviews may not always be positive, remember that they offer an opportunity for growth. Google My Business is one way to give your customers a chance to speak up–make sure you listen.

Lastly, don’t be shy to ask for reviews. You can ask your happy clients, yes, but also people you do business with. They all have valuable thoughts to share and can help convince other people to do business with you in the future.

Keep Your Customers Informed With Posts

Google Posts are a great way to connect with customers and promote your business. Posts can be used to promote offers, advise customers about updates, highlight products and events, and much more. Google Posts appear in the search results when people look up your business on Google. They also appear on your Google My Business listings. You can control what appears in your posts by including keywords important to your business.

Posts can be up to 1,500 characters in length and can include up to 10 images or a video. Posts appear in the Knowledge Graph panel on the right-hand side of Google search results pages and on your Google Maps listing. You can control when your posts appear and who can see them by editing the post’s visibility settings. To create a post, sign in to your Google My Business account and click “create post”. From there, you’ll be able to choose what type of post you want to create, add images or video, write your text and select a call-to-action button. Once you’re happy with your Post, click “publish” and it will go live immediately.

In conclusion, by claiming and managing your business on Google My Business, you can control how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. You can also use insights from Google My Business to track how customers are finding and interacting with your business. With this valuable feedback, you can make changes to improve your marketing efforts and better serve your customers. So get started today by claiming or creating your free Google My Business listing.